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Quality Control
  • Certificates

  • Certificate Name Quality Management System Certificate
    Certificate Content The quality management system of Wancheng Anchor Chain Co., Ltd. conforms to the standard of GB/T 19001-2008/ISO 9001: 2008
    Issuing Authority China Classification Society Certification Company
    What does the certificate prove? This certificate is valid to the quality management system for production of anchor chain and accessories (except the forging process).
    Issue Date September 16, 2014
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  • Production Flow

  • 1. Raw Material Purchasing: The raw materials used in the production of our anchors and anchor chains include round steel bars, forged steel and welding consumables. They are supplied by well-known steel manufactures in China.

    2. Raw Material Inspection: The raw materials for making our mooring chains and chain accessories should be inspected to ensure they conform to GB/T 18669-2002 standards. Our anchor chains should not be made from materials that are an inferior grade to CM490.

    3. Blanking: We cut the raw materials according to the kink perimeter and diameter.

    4. Heating

    5. Stud Manufacturing: The cross stud needs to be made from materials in the same grade as the anchor chain and a carbon content lower than 0.24%.

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  • Inspection

  • Inspection Flow
    All raw materials we use must pass a chemical composition test.
    We produce mooring chains,chain accessories, and other marine equipment in accordance with GB/T 549-2008 standards.
    Tensile tests must be conducted on all ship fittings before delivery.
    If customers need marine products delivered with the classification society approval certificate, we will make an appointment with the marine surveyor and ask him to inspect the final products according to the classification society's standards, and provide the corresponding approval certificate that the customer needs.

    Inspection Equipment
    Anchor chain manufacturing unit
    Forging equipment
    Rail manufacturing machine
    Heat treatment furnace
    Tensile testing machine
    Universal material testing machine
    Impact tester

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