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    1. Anchor Chain

      Product: U2/U3 marine anchor chain
      Type: Stud link chain
      Diameter: 12.5mm-132mm
      Material: 20Mn2, 30Mn

    1. Kenter Shackles (Join together anchor and mooring chains)

      Grade: U2, U3
      Specification: 12.5mm-132mm
      Surface finishing of Kenter connecting link: Galvanizing, paint coating or custom treatment

    1. Anchor Shackle

      Anchor shackle is an end shackle that can be connected to the end link and is used as an enlarged link for linking anchor joining shackles to the swivel forerunner. This anchor chain accessoryis available in a diameter range of 12.5mm-132mm, and in different grades, including U2, U3, R3, or R3S.

    1. Joining Shackle (D Type)

      Joining shackle can be used to connect different sections of marine anchor chains and is generally used in applications that do not require frequent dismantling.
      Diameter: 12.5mm-132mm

    1. Swivel Forerunner (Common swivel-connector used on ships)

      Swivel forerunners are the most common swivel link used on ships, and are economical and safe chain accessories.
      Linking form of Swivel Forerunner: E+EL+SW+EL+C (End link (E) + Enlarged link (EL) + Swivel (SW) + Enlarged link (EL) + Common link (C)

    1. Pear Shaped Link

      Pear shaped link has a 46% increase in the proof test load and a 27% increase of the breaking test load. Other advantages include a greater safety level, easy mounting and dismounting, and a longer service life.

    1. Swivel Shackle

      The surface of the ship fitting has no defects, such as cracks or inner layers.
      The tolerance of our swivel shackle is ±2.5%.
      Other technical performances are in conformity with LR rules.

    1. Stud Link Chain (End Link + Enlarged Link + Common Link)

      Stud link chain demonstrated here is an anchor chain accessory available in a diameter ranging from 12.5-132mm and is suitable for U2 and U3 grade anchor chains. This marine product can be manufactured in line with GB/T549-2008 standard or the rules of other classification societies.

    1. JIS Stockless Anchor

      JIS stockless anchor is made of ZG200-400C marine cast carbon steel and is manufactured using advanced technology in accordance with JIS standards. Our stockless anchor also conforms to NK, DNV, GL, LR, CCS, KR, RINA, BV and ABS standards.

    1. Hall Anchor (Conventional shackles ship anchor)

      The Hall anchor features excellent quality, competitive pricing and great service.
      Our Hall anchors are available in different weights, ranging from 100 to 16,000 kg.
      This marine device can be supplied with certificates issued by the major anchor classification societies.

    1. Spek Anchor

      Speck anchor is the most commonly used stockless anchor on new buildings and modern ships. The anchor is balanced, and its head is suitable for closing the pocket. These Spek type anchors generally weigh between 100 to 15,000 kg, and are supplied with certificates from major anchor classification societies. The anchor is balanced, and its head is suitable for closing the pocket.

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    1. High Holding Power Anchor (AC-14 Type)

      High holding power anchor is our AC-14 welded high holding power stockless anchor, commonly abbreviated to HHP stockless anchor. High holding power means you can reduce up to 25% of the weight that would normally be required in conventional anchors.

    1. High Holding Power Anchor (WAC-MK5 Type)

      High holding power anchor and our other marine fittings are reliable and are widely recognized by ship manufacturers and ship dealers. High holding power anchors that conform to different classification society standards from different countries.

    1. Danforth Anchor

      Danforth anchors provide a high holding power and great durability. It is a fluke anchor made of top quality ZG200-400c marine cast carbon steel. Manufactured using advanced technology, this mooring device meets certification standards as set forth by different classification societies.

    1. Fish Trap and Chain

      Fishery chains come in a diameter ranging from 16 to 42 mm. Both mid link chains and long link chains are available to meet the needs of different customers. The stud link chains with a diameter of 26, 30, and 32 mm are commonly used in fisheries in Peru and Chile. Some of our studless link chains are heat treated.

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    1. Long Link Chain

      Long link chains are chains that have a pitch dimension in excess of 3 times the nominal diameter of the chain.

    1. Short Link Chain

      Short link chains that conform to American, German, and Australian standards for chains. These open link chains can be used in docks, mines and other purposes.

    1. Mid Link Chain

      Mid link chains can be used as a permanent or temporary link with proof coil or high test chains, though they should not be used in overhead lifting. We can also make custom chains based on customer drawings or samples.

    1. Long Link Chain (HDG)

      Link chain is a high tensile strength mooring chain with long links that allows for the use of shackles. The hot dip galvanized coating provides maximum wear and corrosion resistance. It is used for dropping fish traps and fishing nets into the deep sea.

    1. Lifting Chain

      Lifting chains are available in a diameter ranging from 6-34mm and are primarily used for large hoisting equipment and marine lifting devices.This hoisting chain is made of Grade 80 alloy steel. It complies in each aspect to EN818-2 standards.

    1. Lashing Chain

      Lashing chains are typically used to secure containers and cargo, as they feature a high strength and easy use. Our lashing chains are made from heat-treated 20Mn2 alloy steel and usually comes in specifications of an inside length of 13mm×18mm (inside length)×24mm (inside width).

    1. Round Link Chain

      Usage: The round link chain is usually used in conjunction with shackles and clevis.
      Material: Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, Austenitic manganese steel
      Main link specification: 20mm×76mm (pitch); 22mm×80mm (pitch); 25mm×89mm (pitch); 28mm×100mm (pitch)

    1. Stainless Steel Chain

      Specification: 4mm-50mm (The stainless steel chains are available in all possible sizes in accordance with the DIN766 and 764 standards.)
      Grade: G30, G43
      Standard material: SS304, SS316
      Packaging: Bulk or put into the steel drum

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    1. Dock Fender and Chains

      Rubber dock fender has a narrow bottom that is mounted with a single row of bolts, making it suitable for box type docks.
      The D fender has a moderate reaction force and a higher energy absorption than a cylinder rubber fender.

    1. Shackles

      Shackle also known as a gyve, is a U-shaped piece of metal that is secured with a clevis pin or bolt across the opening; or a hinged metal loop secured with a quick release locking pin mechanism. Shackles are primarily used as a primary connecting link in different rigging systems, including boats, ships and industrial cranes.

    1. Adjustable Shackle

      Adjustable shackles used to connect chains and other shackles to adjust the total length of the anchor chains. As a marine device, we supply adjustable shackles in two different grades: Gr40 and Gr8.8. They can be galvanized with an 85µm thick layer of zinc on the surface.

    1. U-Anchor

      Grade: Gr4.8, Gr8.8
      Size: 26mm-98mm
      Surface treatment: Hot dip galvanizing
      Zinc layer thickness: 85um

    1. Fasteners for Marine Fenders

      Marine fender fasteners, including bolts, embedded nuts, gaskets, anchor rods, base anchors, screws and more to meet diverse needs. The embedded bolts and nuts ensure the rubber fender connects firmly to the fender panel and other accessories. Our marine fender fasteners are primarily manufactured from Q235 (hot dip galvanized) SS304, or SS316.

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    1. Fender Bracket

      Material of fender bracket: Q235 (hot dip galvanized), Q345B (hot dip galvanized), SS304 or SS316
      Purpose of fender mount bracket: To connect the marine chains and the fender panel.

    1. Chain Stopper

      Chain stoppers are also known as cable stoppers and are a device (hook) that secures the anchor chain when the anchor is raised, taking the strain away from the windlass while the ship is in motion. It should be able to withstand a pull of 80% of the breaking load on its chain.

    1. Mooring Chock

      Mooring chock is a fitting with a gap at the top, through which a rope or line is run. The mooring chock on this page is called a bulwark mounted chock. It is a round or oval shaped cast steel component that is usually embedded into the bulwark of ships.

    1. Roller Fairlead

      Fairlead is a device that guides ropes or cables around an object, out of the way or to prevent it from moving laterally. Fairleads are typically a ring or a hook, and they may be a separate piece of hardware, or a hole in the structure.

    1. Mooring Bollard

      Bollard is also known as a ship bitt, and is a short vertical post, originally meant to be a post used on a ship or a quay, for mooring. It is usually either a wooden or iron post found as a deck fitting on a ship or boat, used to secure ropes for towing, mooring and other purposes.

  • Wire Rope and Mooring Rope

    Wire ropes are used in hoisting and hauling operations and machinery, such as cranes, power shovels, elevators, mine hoists, and more. In those situations, a flexible rope structure is needed to cope with fast movements and bending stresses. Our wire ropes are constructed with different core types, including natural fiber, synthetic fiber.

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