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Marine Fender and Accessories

    1. Dock Fender and Chains

      Rubber dock fender has a narrow bottom that is mounted with a single row of bolts, making it suitable for box type docks.
      The D fender has a moderate reaction force and a higher energy absorption than a cylinder rubber fender.

    1. Shackles

      Shackle also known as a gyve, is a U-shaped piece of metal that is secured with a clevis pin or bolt across the opening; or a hinged metal loop secured with a quick release locking pin mechanism. Shackles are primarily used as a primary connecting link in different rigging systems, including boats, ships and industrial cranes.

    1. Adjustable Shackle

      Adjustable shackles used to connect chains and other shackles to adjust the total length of the anchor chains. As a marine device, we supply adjustable shackles in two different grades: Gr40 and Gr8.8. They can be galvanized with an 85µm thick layer of zinc on the surface.

    1. U-Anchor

      Grade: Gr4.8, Gr8.8
      Size: 26mm-98mm
      Surface treatment: Hot dip galvanizing
      Zinc layer thickness: 85um

    1. Fasteners for Marine Fenders

      Marine fender fasteners, including bolts, embedded nuts, gaskets, anchor rods, base anchors, screws and more to meet diverse needs. The embedded bolts and nuts ensure the rubber fender connects firmly to the fender panel and other accessories. Our marine fender fasteners are primarily manufactured from Q235 (hot dip galvanized) SS304, or SS316.

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    1. Fender Bracket

      Material of fender bracket: Q235 (hot dip galvanized), Q345B (hot dip galvanized), SS304 or SS316
      Purpose of fender mount bracket: To connect the marine chains and the fender panel.

As a professional manufacturer of marine fender accessories, WAC can also supply a wide array of marine fenders and accessories. Using advanced marine fitting manufacturing techniques and a complete line of production and inspection equipment, we have excellent production and technical strength. The marine fender and accessories presented are part of a rubber fender system that breaks down into the rubber fender body,fender panel, PE pad, embedded bolt and nut, U-anchor, connecting bolt and nut, gasket and chain. These marine devices are necessary for large docks to protect ships and dock facilities. For more detailed information on each type of fender or fender accessory, please click the related page.