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Studless Link Chain

    1. Fish Trap and Chain

      Fishery chains come in a diameter ranging from 16 to 42 mm. Both mid link chains and long link chains are available to meet the needs of different customers. The stud link chains with a diameter of 26, 30, and 32 mm are commonly used in fisheries in Peru and Chile. Some of our studless link chains are heat treated.

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    1. Long Link Chain

      Long link chains are chains that have a pitch dimension in excess of 3 times the nominal diameter of the chain.

    1. Short Link Chain

      Short link chains that conform to American, German, and Australian standards for chains. These open link chains can be used in docks, mines and other purposes.

    1. Mid Link Chain

      Mid link chains can be used as a permanent or temporary link with proof coil or high test chains, though they should not be used in overhead lifting. We can also make custom chains based on customer drawings or samples.

    1. Long Link Chain (HDG)

      Link chain is a high tensile strength mooring chain with long links that allows for the use of shackles. The hot dip galvanized coating provides maximum wear and corrosion resistance. It is used for dropping fish traps and fishing nets into the deep sea.

    1. Lifting Chain

      Lifting chains are available in a diameter ranging from 6-34mm and are primarily used for large hoisting equipment and marine lifting devices.This hoisting chain is made of Grade 80 alloy steel. It complies in each aspect to EN818-2 standards.

    1. Lashing Chain

      Lashing chains are typically used to secure containers and cargo, as they feature a high strength and easy use. Our lashing chains are made from heat-treated 20Mn2 alloy steel and usually comes in specifications of an inside length of 13mm×18mm (inside length)×24mm (inside width).

    1. Round Link Chain

      Usage: The round link chain is usually used in conjunction with shackles and clevis.
      Material: Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, Austenitic manganese steel
      Main link specification: 20mm×76mm (pitch); 22mm×80mm (pitch); 25mm×89mm (pitch); 28mm×100mm (pitch)

    1. Stainless Steel Chain

      Specification: 4mm-50mm (The stainless steel chains are available in all possible sizes in accordance with the DIN766 and 764 standards.)
      Grade: G30, G43
      Standard material: SS304, SS316
      Packaging: Bulk or put into the steel drum

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As a professional studless link chain manufacturer, we primarily produce high strength chains, common welded chains, stainless steel chains, round link chains, studless adaptor chains and more. Studless chains are primarily used for lifting, trawling, lashing or hoisting in dock or mining locations. They are also fit for both decorative and buoy purposes. If customers require open link anchor chains or mooring chains in special sizes, we can manufacture them based on drawings or samples.

We own first class chain production and inspection equipment, including a 20 ton electric arc furnace, steel sheet bending machines, cranes, electric heat treating furnaces, horizontal tensile testing machines, optical spectrum analyzers, universal material testing machines, impact testers, notch broaching machines, projectors, magnetic defect detectors and ultrasonic defect detector, providing a solid guarantee for the production of premium studless anchor chains. Due to their reliable quality, our studless link chains and other ship fittings have been exported to over 30 countries, including the United States, Germany, Norway and Japan, and are well respected by our customers.