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Anchor Chain and Accessories

    1. Anchor Chain

      Product: U2/U3 marine anchor chain
      Type: Stud link chain
      Diameter: 12.5mm-132mm
      Material: 20Mn2, 30Mn

    1. Anchor Shackle

      Anchor shackle is an end shackle that can be connected to the end link and is used as an enlarged link for linking anchor joining shackles to the swivel forerunner. This anchor chain accessoryis available in a diameter range of 12.5mm-132mm, and in different grades, including U2, U3, R3, or R3S.

    1. Joining Shackle (D Type)

      Joining shackle can be used to connect different sections of marine anchor chains and is generally used in applications that do not require frequent dismantling.
      Diameter: 12.5mm-132mm

    1. Swivel Forerunner (Common swivel-connector used on ships)

      Swivel forerunners are the most common swivel link used on ships, and are economical and safe chain accessories.
      Linking form of Swivel Forerunner: E+EL+SW+EL+C (End link (E) + Enlarged link (EL) + Swivel (SW) + Enlarged link (EL) + Common link (C)

    1. Pear Shaped Link

      Pear shaped link has a 46% increase in the proof test load and a 27% increase of the breaking test load. Other advantages include a greater safety level, easy mounting and dismounting, and a longer service life.

    1. Swivel Shackle

      The surface of the ship fitting has no defects, such as cracks or inner layers.
      The tolerance of our swivel shackle is ±2.5%.
      Other technical performances are in conformity with LR rules.

    1. Stud Link Chain (End Link + Enlarged Link + Common Link)

      Stud link chain demonstrated here is an anchor chain accessory available in a diameter ranging from 12.5-132mm and is suitable for U2 and U3 grade anchor chains. This marine product can be manufactured in line with GB/T549-2008 standard or the rules of other classification societies.

As a professional anchor chain manufacturer, we specialize in anchor chains and accessory production, as well as marine engineering project construction. With excellent production experience and advanced production and testing equipment, we can provide standard marine chains, as well as manufacture custom anchor chains and accessories to match customer drawings. Our mooring chains and chain attachments have been sold to more than 30 countries around the world, including the United States, Norway, Japan, and Germany. Each of our anchor chains and accessories are popular among overseas customers.

Detail Information
Product Specification: Diameter 12.5mm-132mm
Product Type: U2 marine anchor chain,U3 marine anchor chain,R3 marine mooring chain,R3S marine mooring chain,non-standard anchor chain, ship shackle
Manufacturing Standard: GB/T549-2008, rules of various classification societies
Approval Certification: BV, NK, GL, KR, DNV, LR, ABS, CCS and RINA