Main Products
    1. Anchor Chain and Accessories

      Product Specification: Diameter 12.5mm-132mm
      Product Type: U2 marine anchor chain,U3 marine anchor chain,R3 marine mooring chain,R3S marine mooring chain,non-standard anchor chain, ship shackle
      Manufacturing Standard: GB/T549-2008, rules of various classification societies

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    1. Spek Anchor

      Speck anchor is the most commonly used stockless anchor on new buildings and modern ships. The anchor is balanced, and its head is suitable for closing the pocket. These Spek type anchors generally weigh between 100 to 15,000 kg, and are supplied with certificates from major anchor classification societies. The anchor is balanced, and its head is suitable for closing the pocket.

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    1. Fish Trap and Chain

      Fishery chains come in a diameter ranging from 16 to 42 mm. Both mid link chains and long link chains are available to meet the needs of different customers. The stud link chains with a diameter of 26, 30, and 32 mm are commonly used in fisheries in Peru and Chile. Some of our studless link chains are heat treated.

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    1. Stainless Steel Chain

      Specification: 4mm-50mm (The stainless steel chains are available in all possible sizes in accordance with the DIN766 and 764 standards.)
      Grade: G30, G43
      Standard material: SS304, SS316
      Packaging: Bulk or put into the steel drum

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    1. Fasteners for Marine Fenders

      Marine fender fasteners, including bolts, embedded nuts, gaskets, anchor rods, base anchors, screws and more to meet diverse needs. The embedded bolts and nuts ensure the rubber fender connects firmly to the fender panel and other accessories. Our marine fender fasteners are primarily manufactured from Q235 (hot dip galvanized) SS304, or SS316.

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    1. Wire Rope and Mooring Rope

      Wire ropes are used in hoisting and hauling operations and machinery, such as cranes, power shovels, elevators, mine hoists, and more. In those situations, a flexible rope structure is needed to cope with fast movements and bending stresses. Our wire ropes are constructed with different core types, including natural fiber, synthetic fiber.

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  • Quality Control
    1. Certificates
    2. Production Flow

      The raw materials used in the production of our anchors and anchor chains include round steel bars, forged steel and welding consumables.

    3. Inspection

      We produce mooring chains,chain accessories, and other marine equipment in accordance with GB/T 549-2008 standards.

  • Customer Cases
    1. Order date: August 16, 2014
      Product: Stud link chain (38mm×27.5m; 19mm×27.5m; 50mm×27.5m), joining shackle and Kenter shackle

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